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January 13, 2011 / hoopersx

The Justification for Mediocraty

This was a post made in response to Bob Cesca’s column on Huffington post about Sarah Palin’s reply today.

“Yep he nailed it ! with a heightened­, and pasty superiorit­y complexion !”

You can read Bob’s excellent post here:

Here’s my relpy:

“Here’s something I really don’t understand about people who make comments like that:”

“What is so wrong with having people in charge of the country who are educated and well read? People who actually take time to research topics and make decisions based upon reason rather than emotion?”

“What I find really odd is that there is a segment of society that hasn’t gone on to college to learn more about the country we live in, will proudly suggest that those who won’t take the time to read up on current events and be educated about the important decisions that must be made should have an equal voice in our democracy. Now I am sure that I will get all kinds of grief for that statement but hear me out:”

“Who do we want making decisions to move our country forward? Those who have taken the time to educate themselves and stay on top of current events or those who think that having a decent perspectiv­e of history and current events are just elitists? I just don’t understand that mentality. It’s like saying,”I’­ve got a doctor with credential­s from Harvard Medical School who is telling me I need to have an operation to save my life. Yet I listen to some random, middle America person with no medical degree and no real understand­ing of the serious nature of my issue. He tells me, “Don’t get surgery. They’re all quacks!” It’s illogical.”

“When did this country go from a country that placed value on education and expanding one’s knowledge to a place where it is elitist and dirty to be smart?”
Please!!  If anyone can explain to me why it is better to listen to people who, by their own admission, proudly proclaim they don’t really know much about politics and just hate DC than it is to listen to rational, educated people on both sides of the aisle, let me know.

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