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January 4, 2011 / hoopersx

The 1st Amendment and Campaign Finance Reform Part 2

What most of the big corporations are doing is really simple:

They consolidate their losses here in America.  Then they post their profits to off-shore accounts.  This gives them two bonuses:

  1.  They take all their losses here and get tax breaks because they are showing a net loss on their books.  In many cases, they are actually entitled to a tax refund here in the USA.  And you can bet your ass they come looking for it.
  2. They park all their profits off-shore in places where there are little to no taxes to be paid.  They get the best of both worlds.

It is actually in the best interest of these “multinational” corporations.  Here’s why:

Say there was $1 billion dollars that company A had to invest in manufacturing jobs.  Let’s say that the company was an American corporation, like say GE.  So let’s say GE wanted to open a plant to build widgets…  The best widgets ever!!!  Now let’s say that GE had a choice between making those widgets here in the USA or in say, India.  And let’s even presuppose that both factories would cost them the same when all was said and done with wages and benefits.  On an even playing field, where do you think those jobs will go?

If you said the USA, God bless you!  But no, they will go to India for a very special reason:

Any money spent creating jobs in India or profits made in India, aren’t taxable here in the good old US of A until that money is brought back to the good old US of A.  But it never makes it that far.  GE gets to pay far less for the labor of making a widget that is sold exclusively in America, then gets tax breaks in America for having manufactured something in a far away land, using far away labor and all the while getting paid by the US government, in subsidies,  to create jobs, anywhere but here.  GE will never bring that money back home when they can park it in an off-shore bank account that pays little to no tax(opps, I meant NO tax and in most cases, they expect tax refunds… Keep reading) while it sits in the Cayman Islands or similar places.  Why would they?  The moment it reaches the American shore it is supposed to be taxed at a rate of 30% or more, just like us lower living scum are forced to pay.  As long as it stays in the Cayman’s(or wherever they park their money to get their tax shelter), they can avoid paying anything on their profits.  But that’s not the most egregious violation they have committed.  Here’s where it get’s really inbred and disgusting:

Most of the huge conglomerates get tax breaks for creating jobs…..  Anywhere.  In fact, they don’t get tax breaks, they get tax refunds.  Goggle it.  Your government is paying big money to corporate America to create jobs outside our country.

This all leads me back to my original premise:

Do we, as a country, really want to give a voice to corporations that is equal to that of the individual?  Equal to that of the living, breathing human being?  That is what Citizens United vs the FEC did.  It made companies human.  Just as you may have blonde hair, blue eyes and a lisp, so does GE get to enjoy the same designation without actually having to prove that it has a flesh and blood pulse.  CU v FEC essentially said, there is no distinction between a flesh and blood human being and a corporation.

To all of that I say BS!  One human, one vote!  Unless you are human, you don’t get a vote.  If a bunch of like-minded people want to get together, create a PAC and vote in a like-minded fashion, fine.  But making corporate America eligible voters is ABSURD.  When election day rolls around, do GE, Fox, Halliburton or Exxon-Mobil get to vote?  No!  The people who work for them do.  But I fail to see how CU vs FEC makes a lick of sense!  If you can’t vote, why should you be able to donate at all?  Elections are about giving a voice to the people, not about giving a voice to corporate America.  Frankly, corporate America has a voice so loud it drowns out everything in its wake.  That’s why Democracy is designed to even out the playing field.  It’s time that the PEOPLE came first and suggesting that corporations should have the same say as you or I is…  making me throw upa little bit in my mouth.


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