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December 18, 2010 / hoopersx

9/11 First Responders…. Screw you, the rich need their tax cuts!

I am just about speechless.  For all the platitudes of the GOP, money is the only currency they deal in.  Is there a single, solitary Republican Senator who isn’t so far up the ass of big money interests that they might, once in a while, do what’s right?  This bill should have been passed years ago.  There’s nothing Democrat or Republican about it.  These are the people who, when things go horribly wrong for you or your family, show up in minutes and help.  You can be the picture of perfection by political standards or the dregs of humanity, they come and help.  On 9/11, they all came together and did what needed to be done.  Now the Republicans are holding up this bill on what?  Procedural issues?  GARBAGE!!  If karma exists, the next time those same Republicans need emergency assistance; the first responders should let them burn in hell.

Here’s the thing, for far too long the GOP has campaigned on the idea that they were the only party that really cared about the military, the cops, and the firefighters.  They contended that the Republicans were the only ones on the side of this countries real heroes.  Democrats and the ACLU were on the side of the deviants of society.  The Dems stuck up for the scum of the earth while the Republicans were on the side of the righteous.  Well I call BS!  The entire Democratic caucus is in favor of this bill.  It’s the GOP who are holding it up until the VERY rich get their precious tax breaks.  And now that the VERY rich have gotten their tax breaks, they still have no sympathy for these heroes.  Because in DC, it’s all about being reelected and not about doing what’s right.  As much as I might be for the repeal of DADT, I believe this bill should come first.  Let’s help those who helped us so much in the minutes, days, weeks, months and years after the attacks of 9/11.  It is REPREHENSIBLE that the Republicans are playing politics with these people.  GIVE THEM WHAT THEY DESERVE!!  PERHAPS YOU WOULD HAVE HAD AN OUNCE OF CREDIBILITY IF YOU HAD INSISTED ON PASSING THIS BILL FIRST OUT OF DUTY AND HONOR TO THOSE WHO SERVE YOU SO WELL, before the tax cuts were passed.  That you are still holding it up after the tax cuts have been passed makes you look like the people you really are; corporate whores who don’t do a thing unless it pads their campaign pockets.  SLEEZY, SLEEZY SCUM.

I’ve already said it, but it bears repeating, I hope you find yourself in a horrible situation and the first responders tell you to screw off!  You deserve it.

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  1. Rob / Dec 23 2010 12:35 pm

    Fortunately some people like Jon Stewart gave this issue a lot of publicity. Otherwise I doubt if this matter would have been resolved now.

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