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December 13, 2010 / hoopersx

Of babies and John Boehner…

Why is the federal government encouraging people to have kids?  Why is there a tax credit for people with kids?  I know this will probably be an unpopular question amongst progressives but it needs to be asked.  There are already too many children born to couples/individuals that shouldn’t be.  I am not suggesting that people with money should be the only people who have a right to have kids.  I am suggesting that couples might be more responsible and realize that the $40,000 between them isn’t enough to raise a child.  That having kids, in this day and age, isn’t a right but a privilege.  Just because you can procreate doesn’t mean you should.  And the tax credit the Federal government is offereing only encouraging making babies.  Here in California, we have WIC(Women, Infant, Children) and various other programs that subsidize people who have kids when they can’t afford to.  And while I am all about giving help to the needy, I am offended by people who have an unplanned child, get on welfare and then have another, then another, then another.  At some point, personal accountability needs to kick in.  So let the left begin my flogging.  I might be wrong.  I don’t believe I am.  Let’s debate.

As for Boehner…  Saw his 60 Minutes debacle earlier.  Has there ever been a seated representative of the Federal government who has cried more?  He talks about how he and his family had to struggle through living in a one bathroom house and overcame the odds.  I may, once again, sound like a complete ahole but here’s a question:

Did anyone force his parents to have 12 kids?  How about living in reality?  Maybe those 12 kids wouldn’t have had such a difficult upbringing if his parents had realized that 12 might have been more than a few too many.

I guess this is what really chaps my ass:

The GOP talk a big game about family/family values.  They talk about how we all have the God given right to procreate and raise the kind of family we see fit.  Then in their next breath, they talk about how the government is spending too much on handouts and how we need to cut the entitlement programs.  Well Mr. Boehner, which is it?  Can everyone have as many kids as suits their fancy, according to our God given rights?  If so then I think the government will always have to be called upon to help out…  Unless of course that family gets it’s own reality show on TLC or the Discovery channel.  Or is the GOP finally going to admit that people might need to live within their means as you preach and “within their means” includes having kids?

To my mind, anyone who doesn’t see the hypocracy in all of this is blind.  The GOP want it both ways.  But you can’t have unlimited population growth and not expect that that growth isn’t going to create problems.  I’m not suggesting that the government impose fines for those having kids like China is.  But I would suggest that the government stops providing incentives for people to have kids and perhaps do the opposite, provide incentives for those who choose not to have kids.  It would do far more to help this nation on SO many different levels.

Ok.  So I put it out there.  And I fully expect my mostly progressive followers to flame me for it.  But to be honest, I look forward to the debate.  I believe I can convince you otherwise.


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  1. Becca / Dec 15 2010 10:14 pm

    I LOVE CONAN…He has 2 kids; and the Quams who lived nearby, had 16 kids. The father only worked at the post office and the mother worked part-time for the church and spent most of her time making her own bread and attempting to be frugal. As far as I know, all of there children turned out just fine. BUT, that’s not the norm.
    It is an infintesimal situation. I believe in helping people, but I also believe in Sex Ed in our schools, teaching real Sex Ed, not just abstenince. And whatever happened a national discussion about ADOPTION??? There are an inordinate amount of stable couples who can provide love and support a child. I’m really pissed that this option seems to get swept under the rug. I have more to say…maybe at a later time. CONAN ROCKS!

  2. Tucker Rodgers / Jan 6 2011 4:27 pm

    I take pleasure in the comments on this blog, it definitely gives it that community feel!

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