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December 8, 2010 / hoopersx

To my Corporate Overlords.. hello!

]I really have reservations about writing this because, as “unread” as this blog may be, I always get the feeling that when I write something bad about them….  They have an entire basement full of monkeys who scan the web looking for back talk to the “Master” corporations.

But here’s a question for everyone talking about streamlining the tax code…  Most of our Overlords have a pretty sweetheart deal with the current tax code.  There are loopholes galore that allow them to pay next to no tax at all or in some cases, get refunds.  So the question is, why would or Overlords allow the tax code to be rewritten?  They get everything they want out of the status quo and any real reform would mean that they might be forced to pay their fair share.

All the new talk is about how if we want to make any serious inroads on the Federal deficit, the tax code will have to be blown up and started all over again.  While I agree in principle, I disagree in reality.  Does anyone really think that these Overlords will allow this to happen?  They will do what they have done for decades…  Apply pressure to their GOP minion and cut a sweetheart deal for themselves.  And in the same vein, apply that same pressure to a handful of their Democratic minions to do the same.

I’d like to think that there is legislation that can solve these problems.  And while there might be, it certainly won’t be rewriting the tax code.  First, it will have to be a complete overhaul of the campaign finance rules.  Only after people or corporations with filthy amounts of money are stopped from having a bigger and louder voice than the rest of the simpletons will any of this change.  Until big money is put on a level playing field with the rest of us, nothing will change.  Because you can bet your ass that any tax code reform will be rewritten, primarily, by Tim “Goldman Sachs” Geithner and his merry band of lackies.

This “Compromise”on the tax cuts is complete and utter garbage.  And all the talk that the tax code needs to be fixed is an even bigger load of garbage.

Does anyone realistically expect that the same banks who, by their own admission, are making more money off of penalties and fees than they are on interest from loans will gladly accept a change in the tax code?  The same banks who when given trillions of dollars to help stimulate the economy, stuff that money in a bank account and use it to play the derivatives market that caused this mess instead of what the Fed gave it to them for in the first place?  They profit off of the current tax code.  It’s better for them when it is complicated because complicated equals loopholes and loopholes equal NO TAXES.

Until the government takes a stand and tells the corporations that they aren’t running things, nothing will change.


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  1. Atoned Liberal / Dec 9 2010 7:05 am

    Wow, I like the site. I loved what you did with Zeus. You know, I agree with you totally. However; I don’t believe Obama is a cream puff. I believe he is something much much worse. I think he is a corporate whore parading around as a democrat. If you watch any of the intellectual liberals such as Glen Greenwald, Cenk Uygur, or Jane hamsher, you would realize there are many from our side that share in those views.

    Obama is not a democrat. He is a republican seeking to undermine the progressive movement and philosophy. His placation toward the republicans time after time show that. No, he is not weak…he is corrupt.

    • hoopersx / Dec 9 2010 7:22 am

      I thank you for the kind word about my site. I have grown so angry over the past week with Obama and the Federal Government in general, that I needed an outlet. I may not be right but I needed to put it out there and vent.

      As for your opinion that Obama is not a Democrat…. Truth is, I am finding it harder and harder to disagree. Aside from his Healthcare reform(which to my mind was a half-assed compromise without a public option), he’s borrowed from the Bush Jr playbook at every turn. I guess I still hold out an ounce of hope that he can turn it around. I mean, afterall, he was once a Democrat while Bush never was. Sure he’s following GOP policy but there was never a chance that Bush would make a progressive decision. Obama still needs his progressive base to get re-elected and at some point will have to make some decisions that will apease us. I just wish that that moment was now. These tax cuts in comparison to what he got is a joke.

      Here’s a really whacky idea. I’d go along with the tax cuts and be just fine with it IF and ONLY IF he included a framework for campaign finance reform. Then I would feel like we got a real compromise. Because the truth is that EVERY legitimate piece of legislation needs to be viewed through the prism that big money interests have an unfair advantage in shaping that legislation. Until that happens, everything else is just meaningless garbage.

      Again, I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I hope you will bookmark it and return regularly. I promise to post on a regular basis. I just ask that you keep coming back and if you would, tell your friends about it. They don’t have to agree, they just have to participate. I love spirited debate.

      • Atoned Liberal / Dec 10 2010 3:47 am

        Well thank you for giving us a venue to express our disapproval of Obama. Folks like you are what we need now more than ever. While some on the left trip over themselves to seek Obama’s approval, there are true patriots like you and I fighting for our ideals. I always thought we were a party that put our ideals before any one individual, but recent events show there are many in our base that would rather support the person elected to represent our ideals than our ideal themselves.

        No, I don’t believe Obama is a democrat. As much as I hate to admit it, I think he fooled us all into voting for him. I remember his health care bill, that legislative accomplishment did very little to help the average person while serving us to the corporate oligarchy on a silver plater. We are democrats so we are pro choice by nature, and when he took our choice away, that was it for me. Mandating health insurance from the same corporations that profit off death is appalling. Well, that is only one concern I have about that man. I could go down a list of what he did wrong. For example, denying cheap imported drugs, a toothless financial reform bill, handpicking a commission that advocates the cutting of Social security and Medicare, support of off shore drilling, and now the tax cuts. Those are just off the top of my mind so there are many more sins against the liberal ideology I could list.

        Well, it seems the bill will pass. We no longer have a voice in our government. Well, in 2012, Obama will hear our silence. Fuck him and his whole administration. Obama is a fucking pussy ass bitch. I loathe him more than I did Bush. At least Bush was for real and didn’t put on an act.

  2. Robert / Dec 9 2010 8:47 am

    I’d also like to commend you on a wonderful blog, hoopersx. I look forward to reading it often.

    Like many Democrats, I’m feeling very disillusioned with President Obama at the moment. I honestly feel like I was duped in this last election. I don’t even recognize the person in the White House anymore. Certainly this is not the person I voted for, or at least not the person he represented himself to be. President Obama needs to lead, not consistently compromise every one of the principles upon which he was elected. Once again in this tax cut debate, he folded even before negotiations started.. It’s impossible to reach some middle ground when one starts from a point of capitulation.

    In the health care debate, Obama abandoned the single payer plan even before he was out of the gate. He needs to stand his ground and start from a position of strength, and compromise only when it’s necessary. Who knows what would have happened if he decided to call the Republican’s bluff and not back down on extending tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans. It seems that tax cuts for the wealthy were very unpopular and it’s completely conceivable that the American public would have supported Obama in his decision to stand his ground. But we’ll never know because he caved before the negotiations started. This might have been a great opportunity for Obama to address the income inequities in this country, to explain how untenable this income gap is long term, and perhaps start a dialog.

    I don’t hold out much hope that he will try to appease his base in the next 2 years in order to strengthen his chances of re-election. His base has already left him and it’s unlikely they’re willing to be burned twice.

    • hoopersx / Dec 9 2010 10:06 am

      I really thank you for your kind words and hope you will bookmark me and return often, perhaps tell a friend or two. I promise to continue to post more of my opinion and hope you promise to at least read it and when I am right, let me know. And when I am wrong PLEASE, let me know too.

      I’d like to be able to give you a run for your money as to what you said but the truth is, you are dead right. From day one of his Presidency, Obama has done nothing to show me he is a fighter. He has, time and time again, shown that he will bend to the will of the GOP at the first sign of conflict. What ws the point of passing the health care reform w/o a single payer/public option? And if all he could get was 13 months of unemployment benefits in exchange for 2 years of tax cuts for the rich then he screwed up.

      I’m pretty tired right now. But really wanted you to know how much I appreciated your participation. I will be putting up a new post later tonight. I hope you will check it out and comment.


  3. Northern friend / Dec 9 2010 9:37 am

    Look North my friends and you will find the solution. PM Chretien removed the money from politics by making all Federal elections GOVT funded and more importantly instead of cutting deals with the opposing parties……he stole their best ideas.

    Our teabaggers ( Reform Party ) were sidelined and the Liberal party won 3 straight majorities with 10 years of balanced budgets, significant yearly reductions in the national debt and our beloved entitlements left funded for the future.

    Until you remove the special interests power over the Congress you cant have a serious conversation about any of the big issues. Good Luck.

    • hoopersx / Dec 9 2010 9:53 am

      God only knows I wish that it were that simple here in the US. Alas,we seem to be all about giving breaks to the very corporations that screwed all of this up in the first place. Once upon a time, the USA was about equality and what was right and fair. Today it is all about how you should get yours while you can and screw the weak who don’t get that.

      You can bet your ass I would give my left nut to have a government that thought about the good of the people(like Canada) rather then the profits of corporations(like America).

      Please tell your PM I salute him and those in the Canadian govt who think about the individual first. I doubt it’s all wine and roses but it’s at least got it’s heart in the right place.

      Thank you for participating here. I hope you will return often and engage.

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