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December 4, 2010 / hoopersx

While the US Economy is on life support…

and there’s less than 30 days before all hell breaks loose, the man I voted for decided that today was a great day to take a trip overseas and pay a visit to the troops.

Now I certainly don’t think that a visit with the troops is without merit, but why now?  This month?  Everything hangs in the balance during this lame duck session.  The country needed him here, in the US, banging heads or at the very least building consensus to get SOMETHING passed with respect to extending tax cuts, unemployment benefits, START, DADT, etc…

Now I realize that he has phones, computers, video conferencing and trusted staff back in DC to try to move the debate forward but it’s the message that this trip sends.  And as I see it, there are only two possible options for that message:

1.  He doesn’t think that the situation at home is nearly as dire as it actually is.  He believes that everything will work out in the end.  And that message is pretty damn scary if it is what he believes.  But the more horrifying message is:

2.  He doesn’t see any way to get anything done during this lame duck session so he essentially took his ball and went home.  Since he can’t imagine a solution, he essentially said “let’s take a break”.  God, let me be wrong.

If there is an alternative answer, PLEASE, tell me what it is!  I want to be wrong.  But absolutely nothing he’s done in recent weeks suggests otherwise.

Look, as I have previously written, I want him to succeed.  But with every passing day it seems more and more likely that he’s just not one for fighting.  I mean, he does understand that we are sitting on a power keg with the fuse lit doesn’t he?  Millions of Americans are about to lose their unemployment benefits, just as Christmas is upon us.  If he thinks the country is angry at him now, what does he think the landscape will look like when that happens?  If they weren’t already angry with him, they will be now.

What is bothering me more and more is that he ceased to look and act presidential right after his meeting with the GOP leadership.  He looked like a beaten man and they looked like they were not only in control but they looked like a group of bullies who just beat up the class president and now own the school yard.

I guess I am done with this rant, I am at a complete loss for who he seems to have become and what I am perceiving as his complete and utter indifference to the crisis at hand.  I can only hope that there’s a lot more than I know going on behind the scenes and we are closer to something than I know.  I doubt it.


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  1. Luke / Dec 4 2010 4:39 pm

    Wow. It kills me to agree with you, but you’re right.

    I hate being conned. I voted for Jimmy Carter decades ago and welcomed his victory with the same sense of expectation that I felt in 2008. It took about the same length of time for me to realize Carter was in treading water as fast he could, trying to avoid drowning.

    Can’t anyone on our side play this game?

  2. Becca / Dec 5 2010 8:44 am

    I’m still holding my breath. He’s now, officially, a lame duck president. I am eagerly waiting for him to bust out of his Clark Kent attire and become the Superhero, I was waiting for. I know, he’s done a lot more than the average American even knows about; but, who’s fault is that?? Gibbs, Emmanuel, Dean, & the list continues.
    I want to see some GOP blood on the floor. They deserve it for all the blatant “misrepresentations” they easily shove down the American throats. It boggles the mind that a majority of our middle-class voters, actually believe what they say. It’s against all that the middle class needs, right now.
    As far as his “trip”..REALLY bad timing, wreckless. I just don’t think that he would be so wreckless as to go there, unless there is a situation more urgent, to the story than visiting our troops. Don’t get me wrong, God Bless Our Troops.
    And, so I continue to wait for the GOP blood bath to cease.

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