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December 3, 2010 / hoopersx

Mr. President, No More Compromise!

I hope all the GOP assbags burn in hell!!! Let’s just state the obvious, the GOP are, for the most part, a bunch of ex free love, tree hugging hippies. These are the same people who used to talk about “Coming Together” and worshiped at the altar of John Lennon. A friend of mine’s father once told me that Democrats are just Republican­s who haven’t made money yet. How true that was. Now that these hippies are titans of industry, they want what’s theirs and everything else too. What happened? Why is it now a federal crime to give a little in tough times? But no, they want it ALL. And curse those who stand in their way.

As for the Democrats, I don’t wish them to burn in hell, just to suffer badly here on earth. NOT a ONE of them have a spine. The big bully makes a threat, the GOP, even though the Dems outnumber them and the rest of the school is on their side, they slink away under the gym bleachers and hide. Let the tax cuts expire! Call the GOP’s bluff. Quit “compromis­ing” and take a stand! Take a page from your GOP overlords and mount the better PR blitz. In this day and age it’s all about the message and the GOP is killing you. Fight back.

And President Obama, FIGHT now or lose my vote and that of every progressiv­e I know. Grow a backbone and fight!!”

One thing that might really help is if you stop appointing economic advisors that were directly responsibl­e for the garbage that started all this in the first place. Geithner has to go. I am dumbfounde­d at your lack of understand­ing just how bad this man makes you look to Main St. Nobody with Goldman Sachs on their resume needs to be anywhere near economic policy for decades. Truth be told, nobody previously employed by any firm that was part of the bailout should be making policy suggestion­s.

I campaigned for you. I argued for you. I have been defending you. But I am at my wits end. Just like the AA creed states, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. That sir, with all due respect, is you. So far you have been Bush Jr, 2.0 with the exception of health care. But even that, in my estimation was horribly misguided. Jobs were the problem from day 1 and still are. Healthcare is nice but you should have focused the full weight of your administra­tion on jobs from day 1 and now you are trying to catch up which has played right into the GOP game book.

The press conference you had after your meeting with the GOP leadership when contrasted with their press conference was terrifying­. They came off as the cat that ate the canary. Full of glee and looking like they were in charge. You, on the other hand, looked dejected, beaten up and ready to just move on at any expense.

Sir, with all due respect, that isn’t who I voted for. Man up and get some fight back in you. The GOP isn’t going to make it easy so recognize that and channel your anger.

You will either decide to man up and fight this insane agenda of the GOP or you will lose me and millions of progressiv­es before the next election, who like me will be looking for an alternativ­e. Status quo or close to it from the Bush admin is not what I voted for and I am sorely disappoint­ed, I truly hope I am wrong.

So here is what I suggest, because I don’t believe in just complainin­g without offering a possible solution:

1. Geithner and his ilk have to go. He directs far too much policy in the favor of his previous employer and the like. Elizabeth Warren, to my mind has the smarts and the objective opinion to be best suited to fix things. Her current post is a joke. Install her and let her get down to business.

2. No more compromise­. If the GOP wants to hold up tax breaks from me and the rest of the middle class, then fight on sir. I will fight right alongside of you. A few months of higher taxes are just fine by me to ensure that people who don’t need it don’t get tax breaks. Hold a news conference from the Oval office and explain exactly what these tax breaks mean. That the federal government expects a certain amount of revenue based on the current tax rates. And they create a budget based on those tax rates. And the real tax rate is what it was before Bush’s tax cuts. And that if we extend the tax cuts that means we will have to borrow money from some foreign country to make up the difference­. And NO, TAX CUTS DON”T PAY FOR THEMSELVES.

3. Finally, please sir, start reclaiming your presidenti­al aura.

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  1. Dudley Degori / Jan 23 2011 5:46 pm

    Ernest Hemingway~ Theres nothing noble in being superior to your fellow males. Accurate the aristocracy is becoming superior for your former self.

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